Lidarts is continuously being worked on. Below you can find the changelog for the latest releases. To follow the development in detail visit our GitHub repository.


Not yet released

  • Added changeable user status indicator
  • Games can now be aborted
  • Challenges can now be withdrawn
  • Added connection indicator for both players in scorer
  • Added user avatars
  • Added basic player statistics in profile
  • Added basic private chat functions
  • Added notifications for new PMs and challenges
  • Added full match list in recent games
  • Added username changing
  • Password change and reset now enforce password policy
  • Backslash now removes last character in score input
  • Added computer matches to live games for now
  • Switched global chat time to local time zones
  • Declined challenges in recent games are now hidden
  • Fixed various small bugs


6th of June 2018

  • Started adding public changelogs :-) (versions slowly become important)
  • Added public chat with online user name list
  • Added 'friend'-feature with friend online list
  • Improved online status handling
  • Added 'closest to bull' as starting player option
  • Added challenging other players via profile or name
  • Switched from CDNs to self-hosted javascript of various embedded scripts
  • Added some basic custom error pages
  • Added computer player with 9 different levels (~30 - ~90 average)
  • Added legal documents and a footer with most important links
  • Applied username and password policy
  • New and finished games now get displayed in public chat
  • Added watch tab which displays the 9 latest live games
  • Improved look of some pages and added various icons